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New York, I just can’t quit you.

19 Oct

A month later, and I’m back in NYC!  I know, I just can’t seem to stay away!  One of my best friends Laina was going to be working at New York Comic Con, and she was bringing along her husband Brian (another one of my best friends) and our friend Jovan.  I of course jumped at the opportunity to visit NYC again, and decided I’d meet them up in the city later in the week (they flew in Wednesday, I flew in Friday).  Interested in seeing what silly shenanigans we got into this time? Keep reading!

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Visiting NYC Part 1!

11 Feb

So this is going to be my first non-recipe blog post!  As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE to travel.  My first trip was when I was 6 months old (to Italy), and since then I’ve visited 11 different countries and lived in three continents.  And even with all that traveling, some of my favorite spots are right here in the USA : ).  Mainly, my favorite place has now become the lovely city of Manhattan.

The first time I went to Manhattan, I was flying in from Peru, and we stayed for a few weeks in the city.  I was only nine, so I couldn’t truly appreciate the city for what it was, so last summer, when the opportunity presented itself to visit again, I of course took it!

My friends and I used to be quite into the whole Anime/Video Game/Cosplay scene back in the day, but real life (aka college) eventually caused me to move away from a lot of that stuff since let’s face it, studying engineering left me with little amount of time to do much of anything lol.   In any case, as we sorta drifted away from attending anime and comic book conventions as attendees, one of my best friends started her own business selling really cute fleece hats, which she now sells at conventions.  A lot of times she’ll have to go out of town to sell at out of state conventions, and when I have the time to do so, I always like to tag along, and visit new places (+ I get to hang out with one of my bffs, so total win-win for me!).

Last summer, with the ever increasing popularity of the new “My Little Pony” cartoon series, it turned out that a convention named BRONYCON was going to take place right near Manhattan.  This was an excellent opportunity for my friend’s business, and an even better excuse to take a little vacation to NYC.  So if you’re interested, read on to read about our somewhat strange and funny adventures in the city!

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