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Camo Cupcakes

9 Jun

A couple of months ago I rotated out of my old program at work. There were also a few new people who had rotated in, so our team decided to have a celebratory cook out : ).  I’m typically in charge of bringing dessert to our cook outs, so I decided to make cupcakes.  Because I work for the military, I wanted to do something fun and themed, so I decided to make some camo cupcakes!  This was super easy, and looked really neat, let’s begin!

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Chocolate Present Cake

26 Dec

Hello everyone!
Can you believe that Christmas has already passed us by!? I feel like the holidays were a whirlwind this year!  I unfortunately haven’t had any time to do much baking, which was unfortunate, since I love baking during the holidays, but as my brother’s birthday as well as my own + Christmas all happened during this month, there was hardly a free moment!

However, since it was my brother’s birthday as I mentioned earlier, I did make his birthday cake!  I decided to go with a present theme, since I’ve always wanted to make one.  It didn’t come out perfect (my frosting skills aren’t perfected yet), but I did think it came out pretty decent for my first try.  So, during this entry, I’ll be walking you through making a very simple present cake!

Let’s begin!

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Old fashion Bon Bons

9 Oct

I’m a big fan of any type of Bon Bon, as I love all small cute confectionery goods.  The name Bon Bons come from the french word meaning “good”, literally meaning “good good” and is often synonymous with any type of small sweet (usually coated in chocolate).  As I was spending the evening at one of my best friend’s house, indulging in a great pink moscato wine while watching movies, Bon Bons seemed like an appropriate dessert!

For today, I’m going to do an easy Bon Bon recipe that I’ve been making since I was about 9.  I learned the recipe from a family member, but there weren’t any real measurements, so I decided to go ahead and measure it out, so I could put it into a real recipe!

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