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Chocolate Present Cake

26 Dec

Hello everyone!
Can you believe that Christmas has already passed us by!? I feel like the holidays were a whirlwind this year!  I unfortunately haven’t had any time to do much baking, which was unfortunate, since I love baking during the holidays, but as my brother’s birthday as well as my own + Christmas all happened during this month, there was hardly a free moment!

However, since it was my brother’s birthday as I mentioned earlier, I did make his birthday cake!  I decided to go with a present theme, since I’ve always wanted to make one.  It didn’t come out perfect (my frosting skills aren’t perfected yet), but I did think it came out pretty decent for my first try.  So, during this entry, I’ll be walking you through making a very simple present cake!

Let’s begin!

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Festive Fall Cakepops!

27 Nov

Fall has to be my favorite season for baking.  With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all near each other, the amounts of baking that occurs in my house is endless!  Although I have to admit, I took it easy this year as far as Halloween goes, since we opted to go to Disney instead of really having a party.

Every year at work we have a Thanksgiving luncheon, as well as a charity bake sale.  Cakepops have been such a hit with my friends and coworkers so I usually make those for both our luncheon and the bake sale.  I usually make pumpkin flavored pumpkin cakepops, which I of course did this year, but I also added on some cute turkey cakepops!

The main integral structure of the cakepops remains identical (unless you decide to do something that isn’t spherical), and only differs when it comes to decoration, so once you know the basics, the possibilities are endless : )!

Ok, let’s begin!

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Old fashion Bon Bons

9 Oct

I’m a big fan of any type of Bon Bon, as I love all small cute confectionery goods.  The name Bon Bons come from the french word meaning “good”, literally meaning “good good” and is often synonymous with any type of small sweet (usually coated in chocolate).  As I was spending the evening at one of my best friend’s house, indulging in a great pink moscato wine while watching movies, Bon Bons seemed like an appropriate dessert!

For today, I’m going to do an easy Bon Bon recipe that I’ve been making since I was about 9.  I learned the recipe from a family member, but there weren’t any real measurements, so I decided to go ahead and measure it out, so I could put it into a real recipe!

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Pear and Almond Tart with Pear Iced Tea

18 Sep

So like most things I bake, they tend to come from cravings.  Yesterday, I was desperately craving a pear and almond tart, one of my favorites!  I had never made one, but upon inspection of my fridge, I discovered pears… so I decided to go ahead and give it a go.

I looked online and stumbled upon this wonderful blog post at Smitten Kitchen. I decided to use this recipe as my base recipe since it had such great reviews!

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