New York, I just can’t quit you.

19 Oct

A month later, and I’m back in NYC!  I know, I just can’t seem to stay away!  One of my best friends Laina was going to be working at New York Comic Con, and she was bringing along her husband Brian (another one of my best friends) and our friend Jovan.  I of course jumped at the opportunity to visit NYC again, and decided I’d meet them up in the city later in the week (they flew in Wednesday, I flew in Friday).  Interested in seeing what silly shenanigans we got into this time? Keep reading!

As with most of my NYC flights, I woke up around 3AM to catch my 6AM flight, everything went pretty smoothly, landing on time and taking a cab into the city.  One of my favorite things about early morning flights is that you get to see a pretty awesome sunrise if you have a window seat : )

1-photo 1(18)

Unfortunately my ride into the city was waaaay longer than usual, traffic was way more hectic that when I usually fly in, so it took me an extra half an hour.   After meeting up with the boys at the hotel (Laina was already at NYCC), we headed out to Chinatown for some lunch.


We started our food escapades at Tasty Dumpling, the best dumplings in Chinatown imo.  We accidentally went to the wrong place at first because the map had the wrong address listed : /… Despite what your map might say, it is located on Mulberry (like their yelp page states).  It ended up working out though, since we had to stop at Pearl Paint (a really amazing art supply store) to grab some glue sticks for Laina.   Anyways, if you haven’t been here while in Chinatown, this place is the best little hole in the wall, and in my opinion has the best deal for the best dumplings in the area. $1.25 will get you 5 delicious dumplings, steamed for fried (I liked them fried).  Jovan and I both ordered the fried pork dumplings, and Brian ordered the mushroom and chicken dumplings.  I swore I took some pictures of our dumplings… but I think maybe we just were so starving we sorta just inhaled them : x…


We decided to continue our food escapades with some Dim Sum at Jing Fong.  On our way, we stopped at an arcade where Jovan played an intense Street Fighter tournament.


Jing Fong can be kind of overwhelming in size if you’ve never been to a Dim Sum place before.  I find it a bit hard to eat here because I don’t eat seafood, so I can’t simply just grab whatever I see, since most of the time it contains some kind of seafood.  However, if you ask your waiter for something, they will usually find it for you.  I say usually because we asked for some pork buns, and they never came… even though I saw about 5 tables that had them lol.  This place for me is really hit or miss.  I’ve come before where they had a really large selection, and other times (such as this time) we saw the same five dishes come around over and over.  Perhaps it has to do with the time of day (we did come here a bit later than usual), in the end after waiting around for pork buns for half an hour, we decided to head out and find something else.


We headed off to Fay Da bakery, my favorite bakery in Chinatown, and as it was a bit chilly, I ordered some hot milk tea along with an Opera cake.  The boys ordered some boba milk tea and some Opera cake as well : ).  Their milk tea is really awesome, it’s made with Lipton Yellow Label.  If you’re wondering what makes it so special, you’ll really just have to try it.  I’m really not a fan of Lipton Tea here in the states.  I grew up drinking it South America and always enjoyed it, but upon drinking it here I realize it was really just an unappealing tea.  It wasn’t till my best friend pointed out that we were drinking yellow label that I realize that it was the same tea I drank as a kid!  Lipton Yellow label is not distributed to the United States, which is why I’ve always found any of the Lipton tea around here to be not so great.  However, I have been able to find it in various ethnic grocery stores and on Amazon.  Something about the tea blend just makes the best tea for milk tea.

1-photo 2(18)

We then continued on for more sweets to Little Italy and went into Ferrara Bakery.  Normally I’m not a huge fan of cannolis, but Ferrara was selling a cute pink strawberry cannoli and I just couldn’t resist (it even matched my jacket! lol!), and it was seriously the best cannoli i’ve ever had in my life.  It was beautifully creamy and the shell was bathed in a coat of white chocolate.  *o* Amazing guys, just amazing.  You’ll never here me praise a cannoli like this every again.  The boys I believe tried some peanut butter cannolis as well as one in red velvet.  We also made sure to grab Laina some of their delicious cookies : ).

1-photo 2(19)

1-photo 2(35)

1-photo 3(37)

1-photo 1(34)

After some shopping and wondering around we headed back to the hotel to rest and wait for Laina to get back.  We had some other friends in town that we were planning to meet for dinner.  However, I think at this point we were so tired and hungry that we were just acting somewhat delirious lol.  And if you can’t tell, I get the giggles when I’m tired.  Also our hotel room was the tiniest thing.  Clearly not meant for 4 people (obviously), but we made it work.  It just took some human and furniture tetris.

Enjoy a tour of our room and our randomness in this video.

After much indecisiveness, we headed over to the village for dinner at Momofuku noodle bar. Our friend Joe met up with us before heading down, and clearly, flannel had been the night’s theme for outfits.

1-photo 1(20)

This place reminded me a lot of Ippudo, which I went too on my NYC trip last month.  Price wise, both restaurants were on par, with Momofuku having a bit more options on the menu than Ippudo.  However, if I had to pick between the two, I’d probably go with Ippudo.  I enjoyed their food more, and the wait is usually much shorter.

1-photo 2(20)

After dinner the boys headed out for drinks, while Laina and I both being exhausted headed back to the hotel.

The next day the boys and I headed off to the UES, for some tea and macarons.  I managed to convince the guys to have lunch at Alice’s Tea Cup, a place that Joani and I visited last time we were here.  I enticed them by promising them that they have the most amazing goat cheese burger, and that seemed to convince them lol.  As expected they had a rather long wait (1.5 hours), and said they’d call me when the table was ready so we decided to go to Laduree in the mean time.  Unfortunately, they called me half an hour in and I missed the call : (… and didn’t see it till way after.  At this point I called them and explained the situation, but unfortunately we had to wait another hour.  It’s ok though, we walked around Central Park and ate macarons from Laduree ala Gossip Girl till our table was ready.  We were blessed with the most gorgeous weather (which was surprising since the day before had been much colder and slightly rainy and very overcast), so we couldn’t really complain ; )

1-photo 2(21)-001

1-photo 4(21)-0011-photo 1(27)

1-photo 1(22)

Brian photobomb!

1-photo 1(23)

1-photo 1(26)

1-photo 2(23)

1-photo 2(27)

1-photo 3(24)

1-photo 3(27)

1-photo 3(28)-001

Seriously, we could not have had a more amazing day of weather!

1-photo 5(19)-001

1-photo 5(23)

1-photo 5(24)








And if you enjoy our silly ramblings, here’s some funny videos on our Central Park experience.

Around 3PM we were seated at Alice’s Tea Cup.  Ready to eat everything in sight I ordered the mighty goat cheese burger along with some Peach tea which Jovan and I shared, and of course a few pumpkin scones.  The burger as expected, was totally worth the wait.



photo 1(32)

After Alice’s Tea Cup we headed back to Midtown and just wondered around for a bit till Laina got out of work.  We then met up with our friend Carolann and John for dinner at John’s Pizzeria.  This place is a pretty famous pizzeria in the Broadway area, we’ve ate here quite a few times, and it’s a great place if you have a big group.

1-photo 1(19)


We then headed over to Paris Baguette for dessert, it was kind of late, so they didn’t have much left, but I managed to snag the last canelé!  Also they have an amazing apple cider right now, definitely worth checking 3(29)

As custom while in NYC, we find it one of our top priorities as Disney-holics to check out the Disney Store in Times Square and check out what new stuff they have (I’m always looking for new Minnie Mouse fashionista stuff, and any new Beauty and the Beast swag).  We also have somehow started a tradition of trying to find the plushes that have the funniest faces and attempt to imitate them.  So uh yea, here’s some pictures.

photo 3(35)

Also we found this poor goofy, just passed out in a corner.  Go home Goofy, you’re drunk.   JK, but seriously someone should pick this poor fellow up lol.

1-photo 4(27)

After the Disney store, we called it a night and headed back to the hotel.  It was I believe this night that we had some kind of toilet explosion.  I was appalled by our toilet’s condition (I guess I’m just not used to sharing bathrooms with boys), so Laina cleaned the toilet with some tissues.  Unfortunately, when said tissues got flushed, the toilet was not pleased and just sorta exploded water everywhere.  I was in such shock, yet laughing really hard as we tried to fix it.  We called the maintenance guy, but by the time it was all said and done there were like at least 2 inches of water in the bathroom to the point that our trashcan was just floating around like a boat lol. My only regret is that I didn’t film this, it would have been hilarious to watch later, because it was really funny as it was happening.

Sunday morning, was the last day of NYCC.  While Laina was at work, the boys and I headed to mass over at St. Patrick’s.  I love going to St. Patrick’s while in NYC, and was actually pretty excited to attend mass there, it was a really neat experience : )




On our way to mass we also saw bits and pieces of a parade that was going on, I was lucky enough to see the Chilean float, so I made sure to snag some pics for my mom!  (Well more like Brian took these, I was too short to see over people lol)



After mass we headed over to Katz’s Deli for a late lunch.  The wait wasn’t honestly too terrible.  We waited a bit extra because we wanted table service (mainly because I broke in a new pair of heels, which was totally not a good idea.  One day I’ll learn lol).  I ordered half a bratwurst sandwich along with a round knish and the boys ordered full size pastrami sandwiches o_o.  It was an intense lunch lol.  After lunch we headed back over to midtown in hopes of checking out the Wicked lottery, but unfortunately we didn’t get picked.  Oh well, there’s always next time!

photo 1(28)Dinner that night was at Shake Shack, because I absolutely love Shake Shack.  We need one in Orlando ASAP.

1-photo 2(30)

1-photo 3(31)


After dinner, the boys headed over to Junior’s for some cheesecake and donuts, while Laina and I headed over to Forever 21 for some shopping.



While at Forever 21 Laina found plentiful cat swag.  For those of you who don’t know, Laina is our resident cat lady (in the best of ways of course).  She pretty much wore these for the rest of the trip (except when we went to the Russian Tea Room) lol.  Also I’ll have you know that no one seemed to bat an eyelash when she randomly shouted “Meow” at them.

photo 3(33)

1-photo 5(26)

Monday was our last full day in NYC.  Laina and the guys spent the morning tearing down her booth and shipping back some merchandise.  Afterwards, Laina and I met Carolann for lunch and tea at the Russian Tea Room (my favorite restaurant) while the guys went to Carnegie Deli.

1-photo 1(35)

1-photo 2(36)

The girls and I each ordered tea, Anastasia for Carolann and myself, and I believe Laina got the St. Petersburg.  Anastasia is a fantastic earl grey tea, infused with some citrus notes.  All these teas come from Kusmi, which also happens to have a store a few blocks away.

1-photo 3(38)

1-photo 2(31)   1-photo 4(34)

As usual I ordered the Beef Stroganoff, Laina ordered the Kobe Burger (which is accompanied by amazing sweet potato fries), and Carolann ordered the Blinchik.  Their menu has definitely undergone some changes in the past few months, I’ve noticed their Beef Stroganoff has much more cream now, and more of a heavier truffle taste (which is fantastic).  And as unclassy as it sounds (and I like to believe myself to be a pretty classy gal), I totally like dipping Laina’s sweet potato fries in my Stroganoff sauce : x…  yolo.

1-photo 5(27)

After lunch, the girls and I headed over to Kusmi for some tea shopping before Carolann had to head out to meet her lovely boyfriend, since they were celebrating their anniversary : ).

Meanwhile… at Carnegi Deli


The boys ordered 2 pound sandwiches….


Jovan, as you can see, looked quite concerned…  but they accepted the challenge.


But obviously not that concerned since they each ate a whole 2 pound sandwich.

Meanwhile,  Laina and I headed over to the village and over to the Fragrance shop.  You might have seen me talk about the Fragrance shop before, it’s this awesome shop that houses tons of different fragrance oils.  I’m really picky with perfume and I find it hard to find one that I think goes well with my body chemistry.  Unfortunately my favorite perfume was discontinued, so I had been on a quest to find something new for me, which I did at the Fragrance shop.  The lovely ladies custom blended me my own unique perfume, and I am in love with it!  Anyways, we stopped here because I needed a refill, and I wanted to get my mom some stuff too.  Unfortunately, the store was closed for a little bit, so we sat around and waited.

1-photo 3(34)

After grabbing my stuff at the fragrance shop, we headed over a few blocks for some waffles at Wafels and Dinges.  The place where waffles will change your life.

1-photo 4(31)

Make sure you try the Lieges waffles (crunchy, yet chewy) topped with speculoos spread (A yummy gingerbread like spread).

1-photo 5(29)

After waffles we headed over to Chinatown to meet up with the boys for some shopping, and of course more eating.

1-photo 2(32)


We hit up Joe’s Shanghai for dinner, a place famous for soup dumplings.  I’m really glad I had done some research online before hand so I knew how to properly eat these dumplings and not make a fool out of myself in front of a bunch of people lol (you share tables family style).  This place was seriously awesome.  I wish I was hungrier just so I could have ate more, because the dumplings were amazing.  The way you eat these beautiful things is by placing a dumpling on your spoon, biting off a piece of the dumpling wrapper and letting some of the steam out.  You can then drink the soup out, or pour the soup into your spoon, and once you’re done with the soup, eat the dumpling!

photo 4(30)After dinner, we went back to Ferrara for some dessert.


And lastly, we stopped by Sambuca’s Cafe for some coffee and wine.  After that, we headed back to pack our stuff at the hotel.

On our last day in NYC, Laina and I woke up early to have a light breakfast at Takahachi bakery, I had been craving coffee from this place since the last time Joani and I came and she ordered an awesome latte.

photo 5(28)

Also I should note that every morning we walked past these cute little statues.  I think they’re supposed to be monkeys, but I like to pretend they’re sloths, probably two toed if you want to be exact ; )…

1-photo 2(33)-001On our way back we stopped at Paris Baguette to grab some goodies to go and then headed back to the hotel to finish packing and to check out of the hotel.  Our car service wasn’t coming till 3:30, so we had some time to kill.  We walked around the area till lunch time, where we had our last meal at GoGo Curry.  Laina, Brian, and I ordered the regular curry, while Jovan went full force and ordered the Grand Slam.

1-photo 2(34)


1-photo 1(33)

The last placed we stopped by was the Sanrio Store, where they were selling the cutest Street Fighter themed Hello Kitty stuff *o*!  I also bought everything they had with Tuxedo Sam, because blue penguins are my fave : )


And that was it! Our short little trip to NYC was a blast!  I have a couple more picture that were taken before I got there, but I wanted to share them because I thought they were pretty neat.  Thanks for reading : )!

– Nikki







2 Responses to “New York, I just can’t quit you.”

  1. Ariel 11/27/2013 at 10:45 pm #

    How do you guys afford all this food? And how do you pack in so much food, with the non-stop eating?

    • macaroneer 12/08/2013 at 7:30 pm #

      Haha! Well, I feel that being in NYC ends up with me being in a state of constant fullness. It really does feel like we’re constantly eating lol, and often we want to eat even MORE, but we know we’ll just end up sick if we try to stuff ourselves any further lol. As for affording it? Well, I usually plan my vacations accordingly with my finances, I’m thankful to have a job that pays well, so I just kind of assume that when I’m on vacation that I’m going to be spending quite a bit of money and just plan accordingly.

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