Alpaca cupcakes for an Alpaca princess!

7 Aug

I keep telling myself I’ll post at least once a week, but then I end up having to travel or get so busy I forget, so I’m really determined to start posting more! So today I’m going to show you how to make super easy, and super cute cupcakes that look like Alpacas : ).

You’re probably wondering why I decided, out of all the animals out there, why I’d choose to make alpacas as my theme.  Well, it’s not because they’re my favorite animal (that spot in my heart is reserved for sloths), but they happen to be my best friend Laina’s (aka my Alpaca princess) favorite animal.   Her obsession with the cute fluffy animal runs as deep as mine for sloths (which is a lot of love, if I do say so), and her birthday was right around the corner.  Normally I’d make her a cake, but since we’d be out of town attending a convention over the weekend, I decided to make something more portable, and thus alpaca cupcakes were created.


Some of our birthday party attendants included a royal alpaca, and a not so happy money octopus.

I was inspired by these cute little Japanese alpaca donuts, and kind of used them as a base to design my own cupcakes.  You’ll just need a few things

Things you’ll need

Cupcakes of your choice (I made lemon cupcakes)
Frosting of your choice (I used the recipe for Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting as seen in my previous post)
Candy Melts
Pink and Black food coloring
A small round tip for eyes and cheeks

To prep for these cupcakes, take some candy melts and with a grater, make some light shavings.  We’ll be using these for the hair fluff later.  Also, take some candy melts and cut them in half, we’ll be using them as ears later.


Once you’ve prepped, begin by giving your cupcake a layer of frosting.


Next, add a whole candy melt to make the muzzle.  You can also add the ears on the top of the cupcake.



Next, you’ll want to sprinkle some of our candy melt shavings.


Lastly, using some food coloring, color some extra frosting black and pink, and pipe on the face!



And that’s it! Super easy, and really cute : )!



I really wanted to give them eye lashes and eye sparkles, but unfortunately, my tiniest round tip seems to have gone missing, so I was unable too.  Overall though, I still think they turned out pretty cute : ).  Now I just need to make some sloth cupcakes!  Hope you guys enjoyed the post, and will try making your own fun animal cupcakes!

And now, I’m off to finish packing, as I’m going on vacation on Friday to my home town of LA!  I swear I’ve been living out of my luggage these past few months (Baltimore last week, Tampa the weekend before that), but I think I’m ok with that, I do really love traveling!  I promise to post a fun entry on my foodie adventures in the West coast when I return, but until then, happy baking everyone : )!

– Nikki, the sloth princess


3 Responses to “Alpaca cupcakes for an Alpaca princess!”

  1. Kitchen Cici 08/07/2013 at 6:05 pm #

    Ahhh that’s adorable!! Cupcakes are so fun.

    • macaroneer 08/07/2013 at 6:07 pm #

      Thank you X3! I love making cupcakes!

  2. Ev 08/08/2013 at 9:53 am #

    They really do look like alpacas! Very cute. 🙂

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