Tardis Cake

7 Jul

So I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t quite caught on to the Dr. Who craze going on yet, but my friends have definitely been trying to get me into it! Don’t worry guys, I’ll get there, I’ve just been busy! Just got back from a two week work trip, and I’m finally trying to catch up with some blogging! So what better way to start than with a Tardis cake? This cake was made for my friend’s son, for his 14th birthday : ). Honestly, I was quite concerned about making this cake because it seems rather daunting, since it’s rather detailed, but I’m never one to back out of a challenge, and honestly it wasn’t all that bad! So let’s start!

Things you’ll need
4 or 5 square cakes (6 inch pan) in flavor of your choice (Vanilla in my case)
Filling or frosting of your choice (I made a vanilla/cream cheese buttercream)
Blue food coloring
Blue fondant
Black petal dust
Silver luster dust
Black food coloring marker
Tardis Pattern
Cutting tool (X-acto knife, sharp ruler, knife, etc.)

A lot of people have asked me about this particular buttercream.  It’s actually not a buttercream at all, because it doesn’t have butter, but it’s the same texture.  It’s a lovely mild vanilla that’s not overly sweet and I think it kind of tastes like vanilla ice cream : ).

Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting (you can double this if it’s not enough)
1 8oz bar of cream cheese
1 cup (8oz) of Shortening
7-8 cups of powdered sugar
2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract
2-4 Tablespoons of milk (you can use just about any type of milk. I even use heavy cream sometimes)

Begin by baking your cake.  Once cooled, level your cake and fill it.  Now we’ll give the cake a crumb coat (a layer of frosting to “trap” all the crumbs”) and let it chill while we work on other things.  Also, please excuse my messy kitchen, it seems we’re always cooking/baking in this house.


You’ll need some kind of template that has the basic dimensions and shapes of the Tardis.  To save some time, I found one another lovely blogger made.  You can find it here.  Many thanks to her for creating this useful template!  I recommend that after printing the template, you trace the main shape onto a piece cardboard, because regular paper is a little flimsy for this.

Begin by rolling out your fondant, you don’t want it too thin, or you’ll end up cutting right through it when you make your indentations later.  You’ll need to cut out at minimum 4 boards, but I recommend you make extras, because you never know!  Also in the picture below you can see I used the straight up paper as a template, this was before I realized that it was a bit too flimsy!


Next continue cutting around your pattern and your cardboard piece as you go to achieve the right shapes and incisions. For all the “outlines” I used the blunt edge of a ruler so as to not cut entirely through the fondant.




This part is optional, but I always feel that the Tardis looks kind of banged up, so I used some black petal dust to create some wear and tear.




Next, cut out the “windows” for the Tardis.


Now normally I would let the fondant sit out and dry hard before placing it on the cake.  However, I had something odd happen, I noticed that while the fondant was drying, the edges were beginning to curl up!  This hasn’t really ever happened to me before, but my main suspicion is that because the edges are all fully exposed to air, they are drying first, so as the moisture is leaving, they begin to curl up.  In any case, not wanting to risk them not fitting later, I went ahead and just placed them (very, very carefully) on the cake.


Now, I noticed that after all this, my cake was still slightly short, so I just added another layer of cake, no big deal.  This is why it’s always better to have extra!  Next, you’ll want to cut out some windows out of some white fondant (using the same little pieces you were using to trace with before).  I also made little indentations to mark where I’ll need to draw some black lines later.


Next is finishing off all the details.  I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of a lot of these last steps : (.  Anyways, to finish the windows I used a black food coloring marker to mark the windows.  For the door handles, I just rolled them out of some white fondant, and once they were a bit dry I attached them with some royal icing and painted them with silver luster dust mixed with almond extract.  I also accidentally forgot to take pictures of the top parts of the cake.  Those were just basic squares cut out of some thicker fondant.  Lastly for the signs/lettering around the Tardis you can print the images (using the same template) out of edible paper/ink, or just regular paper.  Just make sure you inform your guests if they can eat them or not!  Also I added some borders around the edges just to make it look a bit more clean.




I love taking up challenging cakes because every time I learn new things.  My main regret with this cake was that it wasn’t stable enough.  This is one of the taller cakes I’ve made that has been only one tier, and in the future, I would definitely place a stabilizing dowel.   So there you go, not too bad right?  Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading!

Happy Baking!

– Nikki


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