Camo Cupcakes

9 Jun

A couple of months ago I rotated out of my old program at work. There were also a few new people who had rotated in, so our team decided to have a celebratory cook out : ).  I’m typically in charge of bringing dessert to our cook outs, so I decided to make cupcakes.  Because I work for the military, I wanted to do something fun and themed, so I decided to make some camo cupcakes!  This was super easy, and looked really neat, let’s begin!

Cupcake Ingredients

Your favorite vanilla cake recipe (such as the a vanilla 1234 cake)
Your favorite chocolate cake recipe
Green food coloring

For the frosting I used my basic buttercream recipe which you can find here.

Begin by making your cake batter.  You’ll need to divide your vanilla batter in half, coloring one half a light green, and the other half a dark green.



Line your cupcake tin, and begin pouring your batter in with spoons.  You’ll want to put a bit of each color in a random pattern to achieve a “camo” effect. I did 1-2 layers of this till the liners were filled about 2/3 of the way.


When they’re done, they’ll look like this : )!


Next, prepare your buttercream, and use food coloring to create some different colors.  I made green, brown, and a khaki/cream colored buttercream.


So this is where you get a bit fancy!  First begin by putting each buttercream in its own piping bag.  Snip the tips off, and then place them in another piping bag which should have whatever piping tip you’re going to use (I like to use Wilton’s M 1 decorating tip).



Now, start piping!  You’ll get this really awesome color blended effect!






So there you go, a super easy way to blend colors with frosting!  I think this would be pretty neat to try with a bunch of color combinations, I hope you guys go out and try it! Thanks for reading, and happy Baking!

– Nikki


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