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I’m back!

26 May

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I haven’t updated in forever! My apologies, but things have been rather crazy the past few months! I promised myself I’d get around to posting my second NYC post, but since then I’ve actually already been back to Manhattan 2 more times, so I promise to eventually post more on my adventures at some point.

Life has been pretty busy recently, I’ve been traveling a lot, both for work and pleasure, living out of a luggage for a while lol but I finally have some down time, so I hope to post something fun pretty soon. Other than work, some other fun things I’ve been working on is making some Youtube videos to go along with my blog posts, so hopefully I’ll have them posted in the near future : ). Other than that, I’m still recovering from Disney’s 24 hour day of madness, which was quite insane, but tons of fun! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend : )

– Nikki