Pokeball Birthday Cake

8 Jan

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  December was pretty crazy with all the birthdays and holidays, and January seems to be no different!  One of my new year’s resolution is to blog at least once a week, so we’ll be starting  the new year with a cute Pokemon themed birthday cake!  Brian, who is one of my best friends celebrated his birthday on Sunday January 6th, and as he’s an avid fan of Pokemon, so his wife (also one of my best friends) and I decided we’d make him a Pokeball cake!

Alright, let’s get started!

I’m not going to through the baking process for this entry, but rather just the decorating portion.

Stuff you’ll need
Two round cakes (we chose to make 10 inch cakes)
Frosting of your choice
White Fondant
Red Fondant
Black Fondant
Blue and Yellow Food coloring

Optional Items
Gold luster dust + edible glitter
1 Rice Krispies treat (to create a Pokemon if you want to include one)
Additional food coloring to color your Pokemon

To begin, take your cake (we made a chocolate and rum swirl cake), and using a cake slicer (or if you have a steady hand you can use a serrated knife) slice each cake into two layers.



Place some frosting on your cake board and place your first layer on the cake.  The frosting will stop the cake from slipping from the cake board while you continue to work on the cake.  Once secured, fill your cake (we filled ours with coconut curd and coconut flakes), one layer at a time.  Just a tip, but I like to start my bottom tier with the bottom tier of one the cakes I sliced, as well as end with one.  These tiers have less crumbs, and will be easier to frost later.




Once your cake is filled, we will give the cake a crumb coat.  This coat is meant to literally trap all the crumbs, and give your cake a smooth layer of frosting.  Once again, a great tutorial on frosting cakes can be found here.



You’ll want to place your cake in the fridge and let it set.  In the mean while, you can begin preparing your fondant.  Begin by rolling out a half circle shaped piece of fondant, use shortening or powdered sugar if it becomes to sticky.  Remember that you will only be covering half the cake, since only half the pokeball is white.  Additionally, make sure that your piece is big enough, and remember that you’ll need to account for the height of your cake when measuring out the fondant.  When your piece is rolled out, using a sharp knife or a pizza slicer, cut a straight line across the long side of the fondant.  This side will be the middle portion of your cake.  When placing your fondant, it would be useful to have someone else there to help you place the fondant at the right spot and to help smooth it on.  Using a fondant smoother also helps with smoothing the fondant once it’s on.




Repeat the same process with the red fondant.  Oh, and just fyi, we used gloves when working with red fondant because it tends to stain!




Next, well be cutting out the small black strip that goes across the pokeball.   This step is simple.  Take some black fondant, and making two little snakes, just roll them out and cut two ribbons of the same width.  The length for each one should be about half the size of your cake (including the height of your cake. Using some left over black and white fondant, cut out 1 black circle and two smaller white circles.  To “glue” all of these items onto the cake you can use the “gum paste” glue that we created in this post, or if you don’t mind it not being super secured, you can just use some water.







For the name plaque, we printed out Brian’s name in the official Pokemon font.  We printed various sizes just to figure out what would work out best for our cake size, and then cut out each letter to use them as stencils.


Color some white fondant yellow, and place your letter stencils on top.  Cut each letter out using a sharp tool, such as a small X-Acto knife.  Additionally, if you’d like, you can dust on some gold luster dust (we used a more yellow based gold dust) onto the letters.




Using some blue food coloring, color some fondant blue and roll out a flat piece.  Place your letters in a pattern that you like and then glue them on with some water or some gum paste glue.  Once that is dry, using your cutting tool, cut around the letters, leaving a cute blue background behind.  Place your completed plaque onto your cake using some water or gum paste glue.




This last step is optional.  One of Brian’s favorite Pokemon is Gengar, so we decided to make a cute little Gengar to go onto the cake.  We began by making a ball out of a Rice Krispies treat and some frosting.


We then took the ball and covered it in some purple fondant.  Using some extra purple fondant we began crafting his little feet, arms, tail, and spikes.  These were then attached with a mixture of tooth picks and water.



Because it was a birthday cake, we also gave me a cute party hat made of left over fondant from the letters.  We coated it in edible glitter to make it more festive!  The hat was then secured with a toothpick.



Lastly, we made his eyes, and mouth.  We also used a black edible marker to draw his teeth. We then used some toothpicks to place little Gengar onto the cake!






For final assembly, we took some frosting and placed it on our main large cake board.  Our cake was quite heavy, so we used a cake lifter (It’s kind of like a spatula, but large enough to pick up whole cakes),  to lift and position the cake onto the cake board.






And there you have it!  A cake fit for any Pokemon fan!  For Brian’s birthday, we decided to go to Disney, and then surprised him with the cake later at our favorite Disney Restaurant ‘OHana : )





I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and will maybe go on to create your own Pokemon cake!  Happy Baking!

– Nikki


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